Knowledge Buffet

Right now we are in a "crisis of reality." Critical Thinking used to be optional. Not anymore. Being unable to tell what is real is no longer viable. This is painful for people because the general trend is to avoid reality. The media and scores of others are taking advantage of the fact that most people will believe anything. Every year it gets harder to tell what is true and what is fake.

The human genome is 3.2 billion pairs of DNA strands. The genome of a the corn plant is three times larger than the human genome.

In the future the DNA of marijuana, cocoa, and poppies will provide way to create new drugs in the Laboratory. Plant based drugs will be too much trouble.

British researchers found a way to use the storage algorithm that human DNA uses. They backward engineered it and triied it out.
They used it to store information "organically." It is still too unwieldy but it gets better each year. This storage methodology requires no electricity or refrigeration and will last for 10,000 years. Using this storage method every film and TV show ever made could fit in a coffee cup. The entire internet could fit in a thimble.

Doctors prescribe medicine of which they know little, to cure disease of which they know less, in human beings of which they know nothing.
- Dr. Eric Topol [Scripps]

Reformers have “enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order.”
- Machiavelli

Your greatest enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don't be surprised.
- Bruce Lee

Q: How Do You Have A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World?
A: You Don't.

It used to be you had to prove food products were no good, or fake, or inferior, the farther we go into a Modern (digital) society the more it becomes the opposite. You have to prove things actually are good, not fake, not inferior. It's getting to the point where you have to PAY to know for sure! Do we really know what's in the store? No.

Unless you live in a Bubble you're not going to be 100% "perfectly" healthy. That means everything is a series of tradeoffs. Your health is like a checking account. If there's no money in the account, then you can't write checks! Unfortunately today young people do not know what a check is -sigh- many do not know what balancing an Account is. Many do not know the difference between a Debit Card and a Credit Card. Your health is like a Bank Account. You want to "deposit" into your health account whenever you can, because you know later on something unexpected will happen and you'll make a withdrawal. It's not "if" it's a matter of "when." Be ready for it. This is very imprecise way of being healthy. It's all we can do right now. It's a jump from one candy coated diversion to the next.

What percentage of Health problems today are preventable by knowledge or a lifesyle change? In the future will use our genome to show us how to accurately interact with our body. There's already some talk about we are not to be trusted to have in our possession our genome information, because we may use it to act upon. The doctor is supposed to make those decisions, not you and me. Someday this is going to be a political battle.

In the meantime we have some examples of things you can do to put some money in your personal health account. You can look these up and see how beneficial they are. You can start to look at things as how much they take away vs how much they give. Once you read about sweet potato's you'll never look at a white potato the same again. Remember everything in your health account is a tradeoff so knowledge is your real currency here. Like the butter section at the store. Trying to figure out the tradeoffs in butter, margarine, spread. The "marketing" is slipperier than a cup of movie theatre popcorn. Is it a bad product with good attributes, or a good product with bad attributes?

What about Honey. 75% of the honey on the market is faked. Its baked, literally, its "homogenized" and the pollen is "Filtered" out. This makes it easy to package and dilute for maximum profit. How do we know the stories about fakes are real? Because the honey scandal has a court appearance. Largest Food Fraud Case in history - Fake Honey. Honey Laundering. Oh great, "Honey Laundering."

Unfortunately we don't have a Court Case for fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not yet. California restaurateurs using attorney Daniel J. Callahan have filed suit with the Orange County Superior Court against the following brands for fraud and misrepresentation including Bertolli, Filippo Berio, Carapelli, Star, Colavita, Mezzetta, Pompeian, Rachael Ray, and Mazolla. Some reviewers say those brands are okay. Good luck trying to find out anything about brands of Olive Oils. It's a conflicting impossible mess. Multiple reports claim a lot of fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil out there. It's a War On Olive Oil. I'm not kidding look it up. It's USA vs Italy, Big Corporations vs Estates, California vs Texas, Trader Joe's vs Whole Foods. With a range of $3.50 to $14.50 and much more, you can see how the fakes tempt us with low prices and games with marketing. Knowledge=Money+Time+Satisfaction.

Many things in our food chain start out as good or at least pure products with good intentions. After they get homogenized, hydrogenated, and "refined" slapped with deceptive Labels and marketing its hard to tell what's going on. The industry isn't in a big hurry to help you figure it all out. They use Lobbyists to influence labeling laws.

Eating is one of the most illogical things we do in a modern society. We throw away 30-40% of our food every year. We treat eating more like a "activity" than a important FUEL for your body that influences practically everything about your health. You wouldn't put the wrong fuel in your car so why would you do it to your body? Same concept. It's because the majority of eating is not biologically driven. More than most eating is a direct result of thoughts/cognitions, hedonics and emotions based on illogical assumptions. As opposed to EATING IN RESPONSE TO COGNITIONS. Cognitions of relevance to eating include awareness of the "real reasons" for consuming. Highly cognitively controlled eaters use critical thinking. Low cognitively controlled eaters just eat whatever the foink is in front of them at any time day or night. Your body is not your friend contrary to popular belief. If you don't take charge, it will kill you. You have to pay attention to what your body actually really needs, as opposed to what it wants! Of course there is a practical balancing act there so don't be silly.

Outsource your temptations

Its a full time job to go super scientific on food properties. Scientists often have conflicting claims let alone unscrupulous marketing. Whatever you can learn helps you build your Health Account. Here are some tips just to get started:

• Use V-8 juice. I hate the taste, but it's a great deposit in your health account.
• Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Bigger bang for the buck.
• Use Tempah instead of hash browns (start out mixing the two).
• Use Olive and Coconut Oil to reduce some of your butter intake.
• Use plain Yogurt and add your own Fruit, Nuts or flavors.
• Use something to remind you to drink more water if you're not already.
• Use a slow cooker. It's perfect for adjusting your meat/vegetable ratio.
• Remember "Out of Sight=Out of Mind." Don't have bad stuff in your house.
• "Hunger" is, 50% the time, not hunger, its illusion in need of a diversion.
• Apples! One of the best things to divert those unauthorized hunger pangs.
• The days of your health being something you don't have to pay attention to, are coming to an end. Your own health is now a business, your business, your an entrepreneur.

The War On Health Book by Chris Carter

The key to low cost health care is VOLUME. Whether its from a union, large corporation, healthcare company or insurance arrangement, if you're in a large-number you're going to get a better deal than being a lone, single person. In a large volume arrangement huge costs can be shuffled around in many different ways to cover the whole group. The hospital might say to the insurance company give us more people we'll give you more discount. Nothing wrong with creative sales arrangements, the problem is when the single person comes in and gets gouged to make up for some other deal. What the insurance company calls "proprietary information" is the difference between the discount price, the retail price and the gouge'em price. If we have Individuals (single payer system) it will require some sort of subsidy. They call this "socialism" and socialized medicine." What "they" forget to say is that the deceptive system we've had for 20 years is what brought us to this point.

Instead of fixing things back when "HillaryCare" fired the first shot in the "War On Health" everybody hunkered down. We could have nipped it int he bud back then. Instead special interest on every angle protected the polarization guaranteeing the status quo as they all pretended to want reform.
What's going to happen next? Currently we seem to be hobbling together a hot mess mix variation of the old status quo that could turn out to be the worse of everything to please everyone..

If lady luck is on our side the internet will save the day. For decades we've been kept in the dark about the costs of healthcare procedures to protect "proprietary" (secretive) arrangements. In this secrecy the government gets gouged and the single payer gets gouged. They have the "official cost" the "lets make a deal cost" the "pay less now more later cost" the "retail cost" and then there is the "actual cost." There's about 10 different ways to tally up a bill according to however you need it to be. Why is a Colonoscopy 10 different prices in 12 different locations? Hmmm. There's nothing wrong with a hospital wanting to make as much profit as possible the problem is the billing food chain is all hidden and everybody games the system. I don't understand why ObamaCare did a One Size Fits All approach, why couldn't they keep the requirements to only things that fit all ages all genders? Why punish certain demographics? That's what's killing everyone's current policy making some people pay double. How can you FORCE everyone to pay for something that doesn't fit EVERYONE? Couldn't they have pared down the list to strictly things that everyone needs then nobody could complain? The President got caught trying to hide that when he said everyone could keep their policy. Why couldn't he just lay out all the cards and we could all discuss the REALITY together? Surely we could all agree on requirements that fit all ages all genders? We never discussed it. It got pushed through. Somebody was protecting somebody's turfs. The president did succeed in busting it all wide open so that's a good thing. Now if we could fix it proper that would be nice. Nobody wants to! I think we hit a new Status Quo that will be stuck for decades until someone blows it open.

If we all use the internet to shed light on the secret monopolies the status quo will not hold up to the exposure. Everyone in the medical industrial complex wants to protect the status quo. They don't really want the free market coming in exposing all the pricing in the obtuse gamed Billing Food Chain. It might well would cause them to have to compete with each other, maybe cause a race to the bottom scenario. Before they all have time to think about it I predict the HomeHealth, MobileHealth and Medical Digitization will reinvent the doctors office and the hospital experience thus creating a third wave that will cause total reform. We ain' t seen nothin' yet. It's going to be brutal with winners and losers as we head into the next phase of the War On Health.

Regardless of what happens all of this has taught us one thing for certain, you need to start taking care of your health! Because it YOU don't do it someone else glady wiil. Forget about political parties, it's the dawn of a new age where the consumer knows what their buying. HealthCare is a business. We all need to learn business. Sounds demanding, but if you don't take care of your "health business" something else will, and it might not be to your benefit.

They don't teach nutrition in Medical School. Or any school. That says everything you need to know right there. Medicine, Food, and Drugs are all the same substance. It's politics and finance that diivies them up into "categories." Before 1900 there were no categories at all. Everything was one. All the shabby fake stuff made that situation intolerable so we invented the FDA. That was good. But as health got more nuancedi health got hi-jacked by economic. Basically it's all happened in the last 50 years. Food, Medicine and Drugs have been divvied up into political territories. Large corporations determine what's in the grocery stores. All we can say is Thank You Jesus for the internet. For the first time in history, we can find out how car dealers, hospitals, and government institutions really work (all very similar).

Pricing Your HealthCare

Take a look at how this works. This is not everyone, this is just the example of why we have one group of people defending the status quo and another group demanding change in the system. Follow the money.

You walk into a doctor or dentist office, they won't give you any prices until you tell them whether its Employer Insurance, private insurance, no insurance, credit, cash, or trinkets. You're under the mistaken impression that Insurance is just a different form of the same payment. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Insurance provides a smoke screen for all kinds of monkey business.

A Colonoscopy ranges ANYWHERE from $200 to $3700. Depending on Insurance, Co-Pay, Cash,. A Circumcision for your newborn is anywhere from $200 to $2,200. Hospitals and Clinics win some and lose some so they depend on the ability to charge whatever they can get. With the secret pricing system they have more options than a Used Car Dealer. I couldn't believe the Co-Pay charges I was getting! Your only hope is to know you CAN BARGAIN AND HAGGLE and fight back with Information. That's exactly what Insurance companies do. They've been keeping this hidden. The cat is out of the bag now. They use business, while you've been using emotion. They deserve to make as much money as they can, but let us in on it!

Hospitals and doctors are a business. There's nothing illegal about not telling you the actual costs. If you paid full MSRP List for a new car, that's your problem not the Car Dealer. You need to protect yourself. Knowledge is your REAL currency in this fight for healthcare. The politicians arguing on TV, that's about emotion. It's all nonsense. Political theater designed to make you think Health Care is a Democrat vs Republican issue. It's intended to protect their status quo, not your health. All this is business as usaul okay fine but let us in on it!

Bogart HeartRate

Unfortunately you can no longer trust your HealthCare to an unknown financial rube Goldberg equation, a convoluted billing Food Chain hidden behind a doctor or hospital. I tried to get a Price List of medical procedures. It's impossible. Every procedure has 8 different prices. The rural prices are different than the city prices. Each state is different. You can get price lists but that doesn't mean anybody follows it. With this much latitude its no wonder politicians have chosen sides to defend turf. This is all nonsense, we either have to declare healthcare a "business" or not. We all know how a "business" works, and its not like this! This is a quasi-business scheme of sort sort. The only way you stand a chance is to be informed. To be informed you need to be, Digitally Literate.
Hospitals, doctors, clinics, give the Insurance companies a discount price and they to try to charge you full price. A tooth filling is anywhere from $100 to $300. A teeth cleaning is $125 to $450.


Breathing problem with ventilator
$23,044 - $120,888

COPD lung disease
$11,900 - $62,346

$7,905 - $40,596

Chest pain
$5,639 - $32,970

Esophagitis and digestive disorders
$7,107 - $37,750

Heart failure Major complications
$13,960 - $75,197

Kidney failure Major complications
$16,366 - $80,919

Kidney and urinary tract infections
$7,422 - $40,335

Major lower joint replacement
$21,231 - $88,235

Pneumonia With complications
$9,727 - $51,726

SOURCE: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MEDPAR) inpatient data for 2011.