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Too many Passwords
What if you were locked out of your body?

The bane of our existence -PASSWORDS. They get longer every year. There is no replacement on the horizon. In the future they will be everywhere. Life Support becomes life extension when biology meets technology. You can live but you need a new Login and Password. You're own body wants to phone home. You are "Locked Out" in this Bio Sci-Fi-logical "FICINT" story by Chris Carter.


How To Predict The Future by Chris Carter

What Do You Want in Life, Power? or Predictability?

"How To Predict The Future," by Chris Carter is a story that goes deep into the perception of who you are and how you see the world around you. What do you want in life, Power? Or Predictability? Power sounds good but it's not predictable. With predictability you get power for free, two for one. When you're born the template you're given is "Me against the World." That's only half the equation. The other half is You against You. It's not a battle. It's a Communication that puts you on a path. Predictability is about the path you're on. Power is about Obstacles. Power leads to always wanting (needing) more. I think a better pursuit is to seek predictability, for then life is no longer about obstacles, it's all about which "paths" to take. Life is about paths. Don't mistake objects and obstacles as your future. You can predict your future by putting yourself in a path where you don't need prediction. It's like fighting without fighting. This is the story of young prodigy Denny Walley and how he discovered Geospatial Health Psychology could predict his future. This is FICINT through the roof.

How To Join The Army by Chris Carter

There is no book like this. Because every decade is different.

This is a How-To manual with an adventure. There is no book like this because things completely change. When I joined the Army in 1979 there were no computers. Sure they had some IBM/s as big as your living room less powerful than a cell phone but those were in the Pentagon. 40 years later, I went from Caveman to Rocketman. The Cold War from the Berlin Wall to the Firewall. Any one day can alter your life forever. Read a short excerpt from this 40 year journey - How To Join The Army Excerpt


Bruce Lee was a human sensor

With his incredible speed he was able to act upon his sensory information before an opponent could react with theirs. We don't need to talk about his incredible speed it's very well documented. Let's talk about cognitive speed. Martial arts for the mind. Since 1980 every class I ever took nobody talks about this. The rare times they do talk about martial arts for the mind it's always about the fighting techniques and that is excellent sure enough but what about the rest of your day? Every day. In every way. 

Jeet Kune Do means "way of intercepting fist." In a Longstreet episode Li Tsung (Bruce Lee) informed Duke Paige (Mark Richman) saying, "I intercepted your emotional tenseness." We don't know how far he might have taken interception of the cognitive realm he passed away at age 32. The major new cognitive discoveries have all happened in the past 20 years. Is it possible to expose some of our own or someone else's conscious or unconscious cognitive algorithms? It's not magic it's just different "ranges" that are out of reach. Animals are able to smell fear. They can see vibrations. Some can feel the earths magnetic field. These are organic algorithms. Why are "thoughts" any different? Isn't it only a matter of time before AI starts tapping into our cognitive algorithms much more than it already does?

Not long ago it was thought impossible to predict the future. Today this is not only possible it's become a business model. Predicting what we will watch, buy, eat, where we will go, before even we do. Our range of perception is different for everybody. We all live in our own version of reality. Some people seem to live in an alternate reality. Range of perception is built by organic algorithms. Ask David Lynch he'll tell ya. He looks at it as something you can "notice" or find. Bruce Lee would find it and start training it. We just don't know but there is a lot we do know today in modern cognitive science.

What if Bruce Lee were here today what would he say? Some of what he was talking about is cognitive science, but the field wasn't invented yet. He was a pioneer. This is what set him apart from all the rest.  

Contrary to popular belief not all martial arts have a philosophy. It's often assumed the methodology is the philosophy. It can be. This brings up the difference between the philosophy and the psychology. The cognitive perimeter where perception meets reality. You can only know it by the "terms" you use with your self. Or not use. Bruce talks about this when he tells his student, "don't think." To not know is one of our biggest fears we don't like the unknown but there is a hidden power of not knowing.

"It's a different kind of learning."
  -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Bruce Lee was a big fan of Jiddu Krishnamurti. Is that what Li Tsung meant when he told Longstreet, "Free your ambitious mind"?  As the great Voltaire once said, “If you wish to converse, define your terms.” How You Talk To Your Self makes all the difference in the world. Bruce Lee said “Honestly expressing yourself... not lying to oneself... is very hard to do.” If you don't know you're lying then it's not lies. You want to know.

Now that we're in the cyber age physically fighting people to solve your problems is so last century. You can never have too many fighting skills but if Bruce Lee were here today he would be 80 years old. He was always investigating new ways to optimize the human body. He studied sophisticated philosophy and then refined it. He was a reductionist extraordinaire. He would be very evolved into cutting edge cognitive algorithms. He was way ahead of his time and still is today. This is why we have to Decode Bruce Lee.


What is health? We are told and sold that it is some sort of balance or optimization of a state of physical, mental and social well-being. In other words it is whatever the current generation says it is. It’s changed more in the last 50 years than in the past 5000 years. Life expectancy suddenly doubled and tripled since 1900 how could humans be ready for that? They aren't. Using Jeet Kune Do I created Total Health Defense as my personal form of health. I can demonstrate it but it can not be standardized. Everyone’s health is different. I’m not trying to define it I’m trying to defend it. It’s up to you to define your own health. It's "Health Defense." You need to hack into YOU before somebody else does. It's called cognitive literacy and it's not taught in school, it's too controversial to "know" your Self. If you can't talk to YOU how can anybody else? You will be talked to, and not necessarily in your best interest.


By 1990 MTV was at it's peak. The record companies were not happy making expensive music videos and MTV wouldn't play them. So they came to us. We would interview the band, play their videos, and off they would go to do their Show. It was an exciting time. I remember in 1992 thinking Radiohead is just another band. Not even they knew what was in store for them. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, were brand new acts. It wasn't just Grunge, we did the first three Lollapaloozas. Ministry and Nine Inch Nails were killin' it. Bjork was still in the SugarCubes. Toad The Wet Sprocket, Liz Phair, They Might Be Giants, Tori Amos and the Lilith Fair Bands, so many great artists we got to talk to.

I remember Jeff Buckley his Interview, his acoustic performance in our Studio, and his concert we did at the Metro. I thought this guy is going places. Something about him. Everybody could see, it was obvious. Next thing I know, only three years later he's gone. Michael Hutchence, Joey Ramone, two other greats that visited us and are no longer here. Right after Frank Zappa died sons Ahmet and Dweezil visited us for one of my favorite interviews. John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten made me nervous. Midnight Oil, Kate Bush, Morrisey, many more. It was the last days of the radio and record industry as we knew it. I didn't know it. MTV died. Then the internet came, Ones and Zeros were taking over, Star Wars movies went digital, everything changed forever. We are the last generation in human history to touch up against the analog world. After us it's gone. Fifty generations from now digital will be long gone, everything will be organic algorithms and they will look back at us as "the great transition period."

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How To Predict The Future written by Chris Carter
For 10,000 years the world has been analog. In the future everyone will be their own doctor and teacher. Prediction is no longer fiction in the digital world.


Hope is like a path in the countryside. At first there is no path, but if enough people walk in the same direction, the path appears. - Poet Lu Xun


Locked Out Sci-Fi by Chris Carter

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